Patti (Mike's sister)(non-registered)
"WOW" I am in "AWWWWW".
Such an awesome site with great photos.
Very proud of all your accomplishments and passions.
Keep up the great WORK!
Stellar photos!! Very impressive Mike, not surprised they are stunning pics :)
Diane Victor(non-registered)
Awesome photos Mike. Keep it up.
Love the pictures, Mike great job!
Rob Cormack - Queensland Australia(non-registered)
Very professional web site Mike. Great images and an enviable collection of astro gear. Your passion for this hobby is apparent.

Hope to see you down under one day.
Burt De Sanctis(non-registered)
Great photos! Enjoy the POD and keep them coming!
Gerry Flatekval(non-registered)
Very Cool Mike.
I think now I'll just leave my little Meade in the cabinet.
Thanks for a view of the universe as man knows it.

Keep up the travels and I'll look for you in Phoenix.
Maybe next time we'll have time for a coffee or whatever they have there.
Lori Phillips-Amar(non-registered)
Congratulations, Mike! Your photos are amazing! Beautiful!
Alan Dyer(non-registered)
Excellent! Great to see more of your images and movies. Keep them coming!
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